Re.Co. Automazioni was founded in 1993 with the separation of another company in the industry. Today, more than ten 

aziendayears from its foundation, we have highly skilled and experienced personnel in the field of electric automation applied to industrial processes. We are able to operate in Italy and worldwide, with our own staff or as a "general contractor".

We provide complete hardware and software solutions for the management of machines and technological systems to ensure the customer receives quality, experience, specialisation and efficient after-sales services such as maintenance, servicing, remote maintenance, overhauls of equipment and staff training.

We operate mainly in the following sectors: steel industry, metallurgy, plastics, rock wool, ecology, animal husbandry, mineral industry, manipulators

I nostri partner

Fiaccadori Studio

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I servizi

Le Direttive Europee del “Nuovo Approccio” hanno portato ad una filosofia radicalmente innovativa per la “Progettazione in Sicurezza” ed è proprio con questa idea che abbiamo sviluppato una gamma di servizi rivolti a tutte quelle aziende (Costruttori di macchine, System integrator, End users ecc.) che, ogni giorno, debbono confrontarsi con le problematiche relative alla Sicurezza delle macchine.

I servizi offerti si articolano in:

  • Formazione;
  • Consulenza ed engineering;
  • Assistenza al cliente per l’utilizzo dei propri prodotti di sicurezza.

Seminari Tecnici (Dedicati alla Direttiva Macchine ed a norme armonizzate alla stessa, ma, non solo);

- standard Internazionali, Direttive Europee;
- norme Europee, ad esempio:
  • ISO EN13849-1/2;
  • IEC EN 62061;
  • IEC EN 60204-1;
  • norme e Enti di certificazione in Nord Americ

Corsi dedicati ad esigenze specifiche della clientela, con esempi pratici mirati alla tipologia di macchine prodotte od utilizzate dai destinatari; Sia i seminari che i corsi potranno essere organizzati anche pressa la sede dei propri clienti.

Consulenza ed engineering:

  • Analisi delle singole problematiche dei clienti REER atte a coadiuvare la fase di progettazione dei sistemi di sicurezza;
  • Servizio di consulenza da abbinare all’offerta in seda di gara;
  • Supporto alla clientela, pre e post certificazione o verifiche da parte di enti;
  • Supporto generico alla clientela riconducibile al piano normativo della sicurezza;
  • Analisi dei rischi;
  • Supporto per redazione fascicolo tecnico o documentazione pertinente;
  • Utilizzo della ISO EN13849-1/2;
  • Utilizzo della IEC EN60204-1;
  • Utilizzo della IEC EN62061;
  • Utilizzo di altre norme di Tipo “B1”;
  • Utilizzo di norme di Tipo “C”;
  • coadiuvazione in fase progettuale;
  • verifica conformità alla norma di impianto elettrico di una o più macchine;
  • Prove elettriche (EN60204-1).

Volgo Automatica


Meson's activities started in 2006, and since then it has accomplished many large projects, so that it became known in the city of Volgograd and in the region of southern Russia. Meson is composed of specialists who have worked for many years in the field of process automation, including engineers and programmers of industrial instrumentation, PLC and computer application software.


Belloi & Romagnoli


Belloi and Romagnoli S.r.l. was founded in Modena in 1950, and since the beginning of its history it directs its activities in manufacturing machines and equipment for foundries. From the beginning the founders pursued the goal of bringing the company to a leading role in the market for foundry plant, therefore they started to produce the first grinder mullers, cold-air cupola furnaces, casting ladles and obviously the first mechanised moulding lines. The 70s and 80s meant a distinct change in the foundry both in Italy and abroad, modern foundry required advanced technology to replace humans especially in particularly strenuous work.

Thanks to this urgent request, Belloi & Romagnoli made further progress during those years making important innovations indeed: the P Series new intensive mixing mullers and the BRAP series high hydraulic pressure moulders. The latest generation of Belloi & Romagnoli products has the common denominator of Belloi & Romagnoli production quality and ensures complete customer support from the design stage and especially post-sales. The new H-Series hydraulic control mullers, unique in the world, the "MULTIPRESS" multiple pestles moulders, the cooler drums for sand and TDR series castings and last but not least the automatic systems for management of GSC land, are nowadays the best that technology can offer.

In recent years Belloi & Romagnoli has accomplished over moulding 70 lines both for cast iron and steel and for non-ferrous metals; land preparation plants in operation are over 70 and are served with our P series mullers (10 to 150 T/h). One must not forget the cooling and sand-casting separation rotating drums with 30 to 200T /h productivity. In order to provide their customers with a complete response to production needs, Belloi & Romagnoli works in co-operation with major international partners, particularly with GSC Llc world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control systems for green sand.






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